Violin and electronic music meet in Asher Laub’s sublime single, “Dreaming Awake” –

With his electric violin in tow, powerful soloist and dance music producer Asher Laub has released his latest single, “Dreaming Awake”. Laub mixes elements from a myriad of genres in the enchanted track, such as electronics and funk, while flexing his versatility in a sublime crossover jam. Sparkling future bass synths and robust house music-inspired […]


Violin Strings market size, share, growth trends, key companies, outlook and forecast by 2028

New Jersey, United States, – The latest research report added to Intellect Repository Marketing Research is an in-depth analysis of the Global Violin Strings Market. Supported by historical growth analysis and current scenarios of the Violin Strings market, the report seeks to provide actionable information about the growth forecast of the global market. The certification […]

Bass guitar

Fernanda Lira from Crypta serves up a searing bass guitar set of the incredibly heavy Dark Night of the Soul

With their first album Echoes of the Soul – arrived on June 11 of this year – the Brazilian / Dutch quartet Crypta is establishing itself as one of the most promising groups in death metal. Their versatility is showcased throughout the LP, whose highlights include the melodic electric guitar arpeggios of Possesses, the explosive […]


Global Electric Violin Market Report 2021

Global Electric Violin Market Shows Remarkable Growth Rate Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Market Research Store has released the latest report on the Global Electric Violin Market to add to its pool of other market reports. COVID-19 has affected every market on the globe and the global electric violin market is no exception. However, this report clearly […]


Market for violin bows by key players (Kurt S. Adler, Glasser, Glaesel, Otto Musica); Based on the global spread of COVID-19 2020 – The Manomet Current

Global Violin Bows Market Report Details Market Overview, Market Assessment, and Future Market Prospects The global Violin Bows market and industry research report is a detailed study which provides in-depth information of key players; historical figures, region analysis, product types and applications / end user, market drivers, opportunities and restraints, forecast scope, strategic planning, as […]


Violin Tuner Application Market Size, Trends 2021, Growth, Share, Trends and Forecast to 2028

Sample download request Request a discount Company Profile New Jersey, United States, – The Global Violin Tuner Apps market research report demonstrates the present market service, scale, location, revenue, and future scope of the global Violin Tuner Apps industry. This report shows the trends and technological developments in the Violin Tuner Applications industry. It presents […]


Electric Violins Market Size, Growth & Key Companies – Hofner, Silver Creek, Wood Violins, Jonathan Cooper, Consordini, Rogue, Barcus Berry

New Jersey, United States, – The Electric violin market The report presents in-depth analyzed data and information on the Electric Violin market with detailed analysis of major models, emerging trends, infrastructure characteristics, industrial landscape, and key market segments. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the market growth and factors influencing the market growth including […]