Bass guitar

Bass phenomenon Cody Wright presents his masterclass at the London Bass Guitar Show

London Bass Guitar Show star Cody Wright and his funky rhythmic styles have been in the spotlight since he first gave up his acoustics as a bassist with the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra in 2011. A very new millennium bassist, Wright combines the know-how of the Youtube era with solid and technically impressive playing – attributes […]

Electric guitar

Reverb Classic Electric Guitar Shootout

When we discuss the sound of microphones, we are left searching for hopelessly imprecise words. Warm. Jangly. Chimney. Of meat. Picked up. Of butter. Dynamic. Twangy. Box. Glassy. Rather than providing a guide that offers vague adjectives like a pick-up sommelier, we let the pick-ups themselves do the work. Cover the screen and quiz your […]