Electric guitar

What is the secret to the unique sound of an electric guitar?

Welcome to Thomas Insights – every day we post the latest news and analysis to keep our readers up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Sign up here to receive the best stories of the day straight to your inbox. Vulcanized fiber is widely used in the manufacture of everything from suitcases and […]

Electric guitar

How the Electric Guitar Changed Acoustic Guitar Design

As said to Chris Vinnicombe Having built and restored guitars, enjoyed and played many instruments, I have somehow assembled my own timeline of instrument history. Many of us talk about pre-war guitars and post-war guitars. Really, from a builder’s perspective, other than quantity, not much has actually changed with the guitar itself. Sure, there are […]

Acoustic guitar

Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde guitar up for auction at Heritage

From Bob Dylan’s guitar to Frank Sinatra’s pistol, the upcoming entertainment memorabilia auction at Heritage on March 16 will offer something for every music fan. Topping the sale is a guitar owned and played by Bob Dylan during sessions on his flagship 1966 album, Blonde on Blonde. Dylan received the Fender Electric XII Twelve-String Guitar […]

Bass guitar

Interview with Jules Whelpton: Empowered by her Bass

Part of a growing group of young aspiring bassists, Jules Whelpton grew up in a small seaside town in San Diego County. His younger years were filled with extreme sports. Surrounded by skaters and musicians, musical influences settled very early on. Cover photo by Chuck Lapinsky His parents introduced him to the music and funk […]