Electric guitar

How to Record an Electric Guitar and Bass

WEEK OF REGISTRATION: Electric guitar the amp speakers are loud enough, and the sound you normally hear is from the amp and room combined. The close-up pickup of a guitar amp speaker is great for bright and edgy, yet tiny sound microphone the changes can greatly influence the sound. By following the steps in our […]

Bass guitar

Product Review: Martin Performing Artist Series BCPA4 Bass Guitar

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine, issue 8 From the center of the acoustic guitar universe, Nazareth, Pennsylvania comes the Performing Artist Series BCPA4 acoustic bass guitar from the CF Martin Company. For vast oceans of players across time, Martin guitars are considered the beginning, middle, and end of acoustic guitar, and the BCPA4 bass […]

Electric guitar

Guitar Maintenance: 10 Ways to Keep Your Electric Guitar in Top Condition

Guitar maintenance is an extremely important topic. It is often overlooked, because we guitarists want to get straight into the game! But you need a working guitar in good condition to play in the first place. Taking maintenance seriously means you get the most out of your instrument, that it sounds its best at all […]