Bass guitar

A 3D printed bass guitar | Hackaday

A visit to the hardware hacking area of ​​the recent Hacker Hotel hacker camp in the Netherlands would bring in many interesting pieces of hardware to tempt the eyes. Among them was one that pleases the ear, and upon hearing it, we asked if its creator could upload it so that we could share it […]

Acoustic guitar

Veillette Guitars launches the superb AeroElectric True-Twelve 12-string guitar –

Veillette Guitars has unveiled its new model, the AeroElectric True-Twelve 12-string semi-hollow electric. The guitar eschews much of the traditional semi-hollow format approaches, carrying the same shape as Veillette’s other Aero Thinline acoustic and aeroelectric guitars. A unique cutaway for easy access to the upper frets is transformed into a deep, resonant body. Veillete further […]

Bass guitar

Caparison unveils the Broken 5-Bass –

Caparison released the Brocken 5-bass, a 5-string that sports high-end finishes and construction. The body of the Broken 5-Bass is made up of four pieces of wood: a maple core, two black Australian wood fenders, and a black walnut top. This particular combination of woods, says Caparison, “results in a full, well-balanced sound quality.” The […]

Bass guitar

Rudra Veena inspires French musician to mist bass guitar for deeper expression

Floy Krouchi a bass player absorbed by the different sounds emanating from her four-stringed instrument. The bass guitar is quite seductive in a rock riff or in a quadrangle of instruments involved in a jazz ensemble. Krouchi, however, took the bass guitar and evolved it into – that word will be played several times during […]