Electric guitar

Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil bring the electric guitar to the shtetl

WEIMAR, Germany (JTA) — What if Yiddish-speaking poets and songwriters had electric guitars and amplifiers in the shtetl? That’s the question Sasha Lurje and her bandmates Forshpil asked themselves ten years ago in Latvia when they began their transition from traditional klezmer music to psychedelic rock. “When people see a Jewish or Yiddish band, they […]

Bass guitar

How to use the delay pedals on the bass guitar

Happy to see you again! Hello … hello … hello … is there anyone there … there … there ..? Very good. Are we talking about delay pedals? Yes indeed! Stand in a large space and shout “Echo! You will hear a noticeable repetition of this sound returning to you as it bounces off a […]

Bass guitar

Players have spoken, Dean Guitars has listened with the new Edge Select bass

TAMPA, Florida (August 3, 2020) – Dean Guitars introduces the Edge Select Burled Poplar Satin Natural bass guitar, designed for the most technical and discerning tone lovers. When Dean’s design team began work on this latest Select Series expansion, they sat down with a host of players from different genres to find out what they […]

Acoustic guitar

Tré Burt takes his acoustic guitar to the “Franklin Tunnel” in a new video

Back in 2018, folk songwriter Tré Burt dropped an LP teeming with folk blues, drawing inspiration from genre ancestors like Dylan and Dalton, as well as less obvious influences, like Ethiopian nun and pianist Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou. With this record now looking several years old in 2020, Burt is revisiting one of those songs today […]

Bass guitar

Top 10 best wireless bass guitars 2020 – bestgamingpro

Top 10 best wireless bass guitars 2020 1. Getaria 2.4GHZ wireless guitar system, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, digital transceiver 2.4g uncompressed wi-fi sign transmission, low noise and latency, the effective variation is about 30 meters. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long working hours and comes with USB cable for convenient charging. Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver set […]

Bass guitar

Jason Momoa Plays Chili Peppers On Bass To Celebrate New Bass Guitar

Watch Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones”, “Aquaman”) smash his new Fender Bass with Red Hot Chili Peppers A few weeks ago, Jason momoa – known for his acting roles in Game Of Thrones (like Khal Drogho, Dothraki leader) and Aquaman, celebrated its 41st birthday. Momoa is actually quite a big rock and roll fan, and […]

Bass guitar

Luna Guitars Extends Summer Vibes With Acoustic Electric Bass

TAMPA, Florida – The golden vibes of summer are here to stay with the releases of the Tribal Tobacco Sunburst Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar from Luna Guitars. This concert-ready, long-scale bass offers crisp aesthetics and practical playability features, including Luna’s preamp system with built-in tuner. Whether players are looking to add deep bass to jazz or […]

Electric guitar

Netflix’s ‘ta-dum’ sound features an inverted electric guitar sample that was created using ’90s effects processors

Netflix’s “ta-dum” sound has become one of the most distinctive and well-known audio logos in the world, reaching millions of content-hungry subscribers worldwide. Now in his Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcastanimator Dallas Taylor uncovered the sound design secrets that led to its creation. Development of the logo was led by Netflx VP Product Todd Yellin, who […]