Bass guitar

Oneonta Guitar releases Stanley Clarke’s Spellcaster Bass –

Oneonta Guitar has announced the release of Stanley Clarke’s signature Spellcaster Bass, a unique instrument that brings a completely Stratocaster-style design approach to a bass format. The bass itself features a 30.5-inch scale, along with a sunburst-finished alder body, maple neck, and 25-fret rosewood fingerboard. In keeping with Stratocaster tradition, there are three pickguard-mounted single-coil […]

Electric guitar

Metalhead built electric guitar from dead uncle’s skeleton

We often talk about what makes the ultimate heavy metal guitar and the various manufacturers of extremes will have to equip an instrument for the music of the devil. But a metalhead’s tribute to his late uncle may well take the cake in terms of form and function. Prince Midnight, a metalhead and YouTuber, just […]

Electric guitar

“Electric Guitar Was My First Love”: Chrissie Hynde on Telecasters, The Magic of Bands, and the Power to Tell People to Stick It –

Chrissie Hynde’s career has always been rough and fluid: an attitude of control against rock’n’roll romanticism. She is a pragmatist who is also devoted to the ineffable power of music, its influence spanning the boundaries of her obsession with teenage AM radio and in a gnawing need to lead a band and respond with her […]