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This electric guitar is made of 5,000 coffee beans (And it smells like coffee too)

Bold, strong, intense. You can use these words to describe coffee… you can also use it to describe this electric guitar built by YouTuber and guitar enthusiast, Burls Art. Designed as a gift for his friend’s Copper Coffee company, Burls Art’s guitar body consists of 5,000 roasted coffee beans suspended in epoxy. Modeled in the […]

Acoustic guitar

Frank Zappa’s 6 Greatest Guitar Solos

Frank Zappa was a musician who never seemed to function other than on his own terms. He looked at the music industry seemingly without caring about the world. His music is equally impenetrable from a beginner’s point of view, but in the end it turns out to be terribly rewarding. The gender-defying term may be […]

Electric guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man Updates 2021 Electric Guitars and Basses Line-Up with a Dizzying Line of New Soft Finishes

Ernie Ball Music Man launched their 2021 base line, introducing 22 new finishes for their Saber, StingRay RS and Cutlass RS electric guitars, StingRay Special, StingRay Special 5 and Bongo bass. It sees cool, minty Power Blue finish debuts on its Electric StingRay RS and Cutlass RS, with a warm Burnt Amber burst finish arriving […]

Electric guitar

Tony Rawk’s Pro Luthier: YouTuber turns 14 skateboards into electric guitar | Guitar.com

YouTuber Burls Art is no stranger to violin making, for that matter: he has previously made guitars from materials such as Himalayan rock salt, colored pencils and coffee beans. His latest project? Turn 14 skateboards into one guitar. After removing their duct tape and all the stickers, reducing them to raw wood, Burls Art then […]


Watch: Guitarist Goes Viral On TikTok For Creating Violin Sounds With His Acoustics – Guitar.com

Marcus Eaton turned heads with his most recent covers on TikTok, as he found a way to coax authentic violin sounds from his acoustic guitar. The last cover of the musician, of The MandalorianThe theme song for, landed Wednesday – tune in below. @marcuseaton You asked for it so here’s The Mandalorian @pickasobow #mandalorian #star […]

Electric guitar

This more punk electric guitar is made entirely of skateboards

Burls Art – the YouTube luthier behind the Himalayan Salt Guitar, a Strat-style electric guitar made up of 1,200 colored pencils and more – is back with another wacky guitar design. For his latest project, the YouTuber – who currently has over half a million subscribers on the platform – built an electric guitar made […]

Electric guitar

SonoTone Launches Premium Vintage Series Electric Guitar Strings

Allston, MA (October 7, 2019) – SonoTone, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of premium small series guitar strings, has launched its Vintage series of electric guitar and bass strings, offering serious musicians and vintage instrument collectors the ability to outfit their new and vintage instruments with strings formulated to reproduce the lush harmonic resonance and raw, responsive […]

Bass guitar

Bass Bench: Positioning of the piezo pickups on an acoustic bass guitar

Photograph 1. Photo courtesy of basslab.de. When we previously surveyed several types of acoustic bass guitar pickups [“Amplifying an Acoustic Bass Guitar”], we paid special attention to the popular under-saddle transducer. Let’s continue this line of thinking and see what else we can do with a piezo. Not all piezo pickups under the saddle are […]

Electric guitar

Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper TL “T-Pine” electric guitar review

No longer just a newcomer to the world of custom guitar, Jason Schroeder is a luthier whose instruments have found their place in the hands of players from Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham to Eric Gales, Tomo Fujita and Matt Schofield. And its wrap-around bridges are now sold through Stewart-MacDonald, proving that the Schroeder name likely […]

Electric guitar

Electric Guitar – Premier Guitar

The core of the band was formed in 2012 when Louisville high schoolers Tony Esposito (guitar/vocals) and Nick Wilkerson (drums) began jamming as a duo. Then Nick recruited his twin brother Sam (bass) and Esposito added his friend Ryan Hater (keyboards). And the fearsome foursome released their rowdy and heartbreaking debut in 2015, The white […]