Electric guitar

This electric guitar is made of 5,000 coffee beans (And it smells like coffee too)

Bold, strong, intense. You can use these words to describe coffee… you can also use it to describe this electric guitar built by YouTuber and guitar enthusiast, Burls Art. Designed as a gift for his friend’s Copper Coffee company, Burls Art’s guitar body consists of 5,000 roasted coffee beans suspended in epoxy. Modeled in the […]

Electric guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man Updates 2021 Electric Guitars and Basses Line-Up with a Dizzying Line of New Soft Finishes

Ernie Ball Music Man launched their 2021 base line, introducing 22 new finishes for their Saber, StingRay RS and Cutlass RS electric guitars, StingRay Special, StingRay Special 5 and Bongo bass. It sees cool, minty Power Blue finish debuts on its Electric StingRay RS and Cutlass RS, with a warm Burnt Amber burst finish arriving […]


Watch: Guitarist Goes Viral On TikTok For Creating Violin Sounds With His Acoustics – Guitar.com

Marcus Eaton turned heads with his most recent covers on TikTok, as he found a way to coax authentic violin sounds from his acoustic guitar. The last cover of the musician, of The MandalorianThe theme song for, landed Wednesday – tune in below. @marcuseaton You asked for it so here’s The Mandalorian @pickasobow #mandalorian #star […]

Electric guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man and St Vincent Give His Signature Electric Guitar a Stunning Makeover

Ernie Ball Music Man unveiled the St Vincent Goldie. The last signature electric guitar for St Vincent, alias Annie Clark, the Goldie offers a very stylish version of the number one instrument of the pop-rock iconoclast. When Ernie Ball Music Man launched his signature St Vincent model, it sounded like one of those moments for […]