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Global Industry Growth, Share, Segment Analysis, Current Trends, and Industry Overview Report Forecast to 2027 – The Current Manomet

Guitars are mainly of three types: acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Among these three electric guitars, there are those in which the source of the sound is not primarily the strumming of the strings. Despite a strong output is produced by the movement of the strings which pick up and magnify the sound electronically. Using […]

Electric guitar

“The Strat is the Most Iconic Electric Guitar”: Cory Wong on channeling the magic of the Strats into his new signature guitar – Guitar.com

Since its explosion onto an Unsuspecting World in the spring of 1954, many gamers have explored the delights of Leo Fender’s iconic Stratocaster design. In recent years, however, very few have left such a palpable mark on the instrument as Cory Wong, whose powerful and clear playing of deep pockets is an essential part of […]

Electric guitar

DIY: How to String a Gibson-Style Electric Guitar

Justin Osborne – SUSTO Photo by Dries Vandenberg A: By far the strangest shaped guitar I own is my Kramer Voyager from the 80s. I never play it live, but it was actually one of the first guitars I ever bought in the early years. my adolescence. I was in an antique store with my […]

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Mark Hoppus plays bass for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer

Mark Hoppus recently sat down to play his bass guitar for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer during an online broadcast on Twitch. In the stream, the Blink-182 bassist said, “Not only is this the first time I’ve tried playing these songs in over a year, it’s the first time I’ve felt good […]

Electric guitar

DIY: Everything about the buttons and switches of your electric guitar

My well-traveled and heavily abused ’90s edition is now loud, lumpy, scratched and wobbly in the buttons. But if there’s no Echoplex or Space Echo on hand, no delay sounds better or is as fun to use. The way he encourages performative and improvised delay expressions means that I will always deliver a cool sound, […]

Electric guitar

Vola Guitars offers a new take on classic electric guitar design with its refreshed OZ and Vasti models

Japanese Vola Guitars have released updated versions of their OZ and Vasti solid bodies electric guitars, with beautifully sculpted S and T types, featuring a new neck sculpture and a host of luxurious amenities. The OZ V3 MC is a bold riff on the quintessential Superstrat style format, with a Vola VHC humbucker in the […]

Electric guitar

Review: Cort Gold-Edge Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Extract from the September / October 2021 issue of Acoustic guitar | By Kate Koenig Founded in 1973, South Korean maker Cort Guitars is not a typical brand. The company was once known for its low-cost copies of classic American guitars. But in recent years, Cort’s offerings have taken on a more distinctive style, borrowing […]

Electric guitar

Gordon Smith Guitars presents the Gatsby, his first offset electric guitar | Guitar.com

Gordon Smith Guitars officially presented the Gatsby, the brand’s first offset model, which comes with P-90s and several colorways. The Gatsby is available in five solid color finishes on a poplar body, as well as two translucent finishes on Swamp Ash. Both versions feature a maple neck and fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, along […]


I stopped playing the violin when I was 20. It really wasn’t too late to start over.

I was 20 when I stopped playing the violin. For years, I felt like I had lost a part of myself. During those years, I moved several times to the Northeast and twice to the Midwest, and wherever I went my violin accompanied me. Once, I even took him in a motorhome. But I hardly […]


July 25 – Dixon Violin Concert at Martin Road Park in Ferndale • Oakland County Times

July 25 – Dixon Violin Concert at Martin Road Park in Ferndale July 25 – Dixon Violin Concert at Martin Road Park in Ferndale Ferndale, MI- Join us for a rare opportunity to experience Dixon’s spellbinding music, as seen on TED.com, at Electric Forest, & Burning Man. ** Please bring your own chairs, blankets and […]