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3 Fastest Growing FinTech Companies in Seattle

3 Fastest Growing FinTech Companies in Seattle

By Pavithra R

Far from being an exception, Seattle is experiencing rapid growth in its FinTech ecosystem. Below is a list of 3 fast growing FinTech companies that are changing the fintech landscape in the region.


Founded in 2014, Coinme is one of the leading digital currency exchange offices with a mission to make digital currency more accessible to everyone. The company believes cryptocurrency is an economic empowerment tool that the world should have access to.

In 2014, Coinme became the first state-licensed Bitcoin ATM company in the United States and now operates the largest network of Bitcoin kiosks through a partnership with Coinstar. It also operates the largest cryptocurrency money exchange network serving more than 5,900 bitcoin-enabled Coinstar kiosk locations in 45 states.

FinTech’s vertically integrated network of cryptocurrency kiosks, digital wallet and private customer services provides customers with a simple, secure and efficient way to buy, store and transfer cryptocurrency.


3 Fastest Growing FinTech Companies in SeattleFounded in 2011, Remitly is an international payments company that operates digital channels, including mobile phones, to send money internationally.

As one of the largest independent digital money transfer companies, Remitly makes international money transfers more transparent and affordable through its global network. Its reliable and easy-to-use mobile app makes the process of sending money faster, easier, more transparent and less expensive by eliminating forms, codes, agents, extra time and fees typical of the transfer process. centenary traditional silver. FinTech also offers a variety of ways to withdraw or deposit money, including bank deposit, cash withdrawals from thousands of locations, mobile transfer, and even home delivery.

Financing possible

Founded in 2017, Possible’s mission is to bring financial equity to underserved communities. It’s a tech company that provides people with the financial tools to overcome everyday challenges, protect themselves in emergencies, and build a better future.

The company offers flexible short-term loans intended to provide a mobile-only loan that is paid off over time and helps build credit. Thanks to its mobile application, Possible Finance offers a more user-friendly alternative to payday loans, cheaper, easier to repay and build credit. Using the Possible Finance app, people can apply for loans without a credit check and receive funds on the same day. FinTech has built a unique credit scoring model that harnesses new sources of data to effectively stratify risk for people with credit distress. It is linked to a client’s bank account and uses machine learning (ML) for financial transaction data analysis and makes credit risk decisions rather than relying on FICO credit scores .

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