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A 3D printed bass guitar | Hackaday

A visit to the hardware hacking area of ​​the recent Hacker Hotel hacker camp in the Netherlands would bring in many interesting pieces of hardware to tempt the eyes. Among them was one that pleases the ear, and upon hearing it, we asked if its creator could upload it so that we could share it with you. [XDr4g0nX]The bass guitar is 3D printed, and although it still contains parts that are not 3D printed, it is still a very effective musical instrument.

This isn’t the first model he produced, he told us, an earlier guitar was fully 3D printed but turned out not to be stiff enough. Tuning such an instrument only distorted it and made it unplayable and out of tune. This one has heavy steel bars for stiffness, although it uses a Yamaha neck rather than 3D printing the entire instrument. The main body of the instrument has to be printed in several parts and glued together, which it did without some of the ugly seams that sometimes disfigure prints of this nature.

After hearing it, we’d be hard-pressed to say that this wasn’t a more traditional guitar, but then again, since people have made guitars from all kinds of junk, this isn’t the first build. house that we encountered.

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