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A rare six neck guitar up for auction, and I want it!

You can sometimes see a double neck guitar and a triple neck guitar, and of course we’ve seen these quadruple neck guitars in the Michael Angelo Batio movies and videos, but a sextuple guitar? I haven’t seen anything so crazy on this side of a Cheap tip performing Arts.

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The rare guitar “that should never have been built” will be auctioned on Gardiner Houlgate. The description is worthy of the drool:

Hutchins six-neck electric guitar “The Beast”, consisting of a twelve-string guitar, a six-string guitar with tremolo, a five-string bass, a four-string bass, a seven-string guitar with tremolo, and a rigid bass guitar. six strings; Finish: metallic red, some minor traces; Fingerboard: rosewood; Frets: good; Electricity: works; Material: good; Case: original cover; Weight: 16.97 kg; General condition: good * In the words of designer Gary Hutchins, this is “the guitar that should never have been made”. Inspired by Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen using a five neck guitar, Gary Hutchins thought he would take it a step further. “The Beast was Born, creating a buzz and has been seen on stages around the world with Bill Bailey, Spinal Tap and Prince Charles, with appearances at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Comedy in London. This example is the one of only a few did

Auctions will start at £ 1,500 on March 10. You can get more information here. All guitars auctioned on March 10 can be viewed here.

[via MetalSucks]

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