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Best Electric Bass Guitar Bodies 2020: How To Build Your Own Guitar

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In the pursuit of acoustic excellence, bespoke craftsmanship is the holy grail. There are endless pre-made possibilities when looking for the perfect electric bass guitar. However, bassists will tell you that there is nothing quite like making your sound unique with an instrument of your own construction. One of a sound, one of an instrument.

If the first bass guitar was built in 1935 by Audiovox, it wasn’t until 1951 that it became popular with musicians, en masse, thanks to Fender and the Precision-Bass, or P-Bass for short. In 1960, Fender added bass guitar options with the Jazz bass. This version was meant to focus more on the upper and middle ranges of bass playing, unlike the P-Bass, which stuck to the depth of the lower tones.

What you should know about electric bass guitar bodies

There are two varieties of bass builds: solid body and hollow body, each with their own nuances. The main difference in each design is the resonance chambers. Solid-body guitars can be amplified louder without too much feedback, they can produce longer sustain than hollow bodies, and due to their lack of resonance chambers, their design can be almost as creative as your brain can. dream.

Hollow-bodied guitars have a classic sound association; think jazz or folk, and genres that tend towards a more acoustic tone. Where solid-body guitars deliver those deep, rich, and spellbinding low-frequency vibrations, hollow-body builds offer warmer low tones and a slightly more moving approach, depending on who you ask.

There is no right or wrong design choice, it is purely a matter of tonal preference and aesthetic design opportunities. Our list provides a simple starting point for organizations to consider.

1. Fender Alder Precision Bass

Fender’s solid body is crafted from alder wood and is a prototypical bass body for any beginner looking to become a bass connoisseur.

This unit comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting and a sleek glossy finish. The body is configured for a traditional single coil split pickup.

Alder wood, on the other hand, has wonderful qualitative characteristics, creating balanced tones, with a rich and clear sound.

Fender is one of the most well-known names in the guitar business, and this bass guitar body is made in Fender’s workshop in Ensenada, Mexico.

ADVANTAGES: Already beautifully painted.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Limited finishing options.

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To buy:
Fender Alder Precision Bass
$ 249.99

2. Unfinished PJM bass

A surprisingly simple base template design that leaves room for endless potential for customization. Well done and crafted from a durable solid wood body, the uncoated design allows you to select your preferred paint and finish.

Pre-drilled holes make it easy to add your components.

ADVANTAGES: Lighter body weight than others, which makes it very easy to slap the bass.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Some users have noticed that the body needs additional sanding.

Unfinished electric bass guitar body

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To buy:
Unfinished PJM Bass
$ 69.99

3. Electric bass guitar JB

The solid body construction makes this jazz-esque guitar a great starting point for custom rigging. Sanding is minimal and the handle and controls fit easily into the grooves provided.

What We Love: The sculpted curves make this a sophisticated choice to build your bass guitar. The sound is warm and nuanced.

ADVANTAGES: Inspired by super premium guitars of the genre.

THE INCONVENIENTS: Some users have noticed that the solid body design makes the overall build heavier.

JB Bass Guitar Body

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To buy:
Electric bass guitar JB
$ 69.99

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