Blind Boys of Alabama + Black Violin Remind Us We’re All In This Together On ‘The Message’ Crossover

Alabama Blind Boys have teamed up with Black Violin for “The Message,” an electrifying call to action that inspires listeners to stay positive and rise above fear, division and injustice. Over a fiery drum beat, an anthemic Black Violin string arrangement and searing electric guitar (performed by Marcus King), “The Message” finds the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award winners delving into contemporary instrumentation while reminding us of a classic and timeless truth: “we are all in this together.”

Jimmy Carter of the Blind Boys of Alabama on ‘The Message’: “This song was written by our friend Peter Levin, who played keyboards with the Blind Boys for many years. We nicknamed him ‘Church Boy’ because he was so good at getting this gospel, especially the Hammond B3. The sound of this song is very modern. It’s not a gospel sound in the traditional sense, but the message is one the Blind Boys can support – that God is still in control. We enjoyed getting to know the guys at Black Violin and loved collaborating with them on this song. They push the boundaries in their musical realm, and we’d like to think we’re doing the same in our domain.

Black Violin’s Wil Baptiste on “The Message”: “We were blessed to be able to tour with the Blind Boys of Alabama last summer and they are truly an inspiration not only to Black Violin but to the world. Our mantra is that we ‘inspire, uplift and entertain’ and the Blind Boys of Alabama do the same.”

Listen to “The Message” by Blind Boys of Alabama (featuring Black Violin) here via Single Lock Records:

“The Message” is shared today in honor of the late Benjamin Moore Jr, longtime member of the Blind Boys, who died aged 80 earlier this year. “He was an integral part of our band, not only as a talented singer, but also as a kind and reliable friend,” said Ricky McKinnie of the band when remembering Moore. The song is the latest in a string of recent cross-genre collaborations for members of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, including last year’s GRAMMY-nominated rendition of the civil rights anthem “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” with Béla Tache. These collaborations build on a long tradition that has seen the Blind Boys work with a wide range of legends, including Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt and Tom Waits.

Peter Levin, Songwriter of ‘The Message’: “It was a real honor to co-write and co-produce ‘The Message’ for the Blind Boys of Alabama with Black Violin. The song addresses important social issues and feels very relevant for that moment in time. It was exciting to have Black Violin add their lead and then to have Marcus King add the guitar was the icing on the cake for the song. I’ve worked with the Blind Boys as a keyboard player ever since 2008 and we’re like family to this point, so it was a pleasure to collaborate with them in this new capacity. There is absolutely no one better to bring this song and this message to life than the Blind Boys.