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Boroughs Guitars Acoustic Electric Guitar: Hands-On Review

The feeling of playing an acoustic guitar is magical. From the first notes on the Boroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar, a vibrant, detailed voice came to life. Sitting in a large open room, this Boroughs auditorium-like acoustic projected brilliantly as I strummed my first chords.

In the history of popular culture, no instrument is as recognizable and beloved as the acoustic guitar. Whether you’re a country singer, bluesman, folk artist or pop star, you need an acoustic guitar. With the release of the new range of Boroughs guitar options, the Boroughs B30ACE Guitar – in particular – proves why it’s so special. As my excitement grew, my hands swung around in a fiery bluegrass medley and I thought to myself… This is exactly what an acoustic guitar is supposed to be.

A no-frills guitar body

The Boroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar has an impressive set of features and build choices. Boroughs say the guitar is “everything you need in your guitar, nothing you don’t.” Starting from the body of the instrument is an X-braced spruce top. Spruce is the standard topwood for steel-string guitars. It is a light wood that is strong and projects well. X-bracing is a technique used on some of the finest acoustic instruments and the Boroughs are no exception. The guitar is ample and balanced. The Graph Tech™ nut and compensated saddle are significant upgrades over the plastic parts used in other instruments in this price range. Working with the fully enclosed 15:1 tuners, the B30’s intonation is perfect.

When I hit wider chords in a rendition of Bach’s Sarabande in B minor, I found the C-shaped neck very comfortable. This shape is a great choice for beginners who will find the thinner profile more accommodating. The fingerboard is a material known as techwood which is treated to withstand varying levels of humidity. This will give you peace of mind that your instrument will be safe in all seasons.

Electronics included

One of the most impressive features of this guitar is its included electronics. The Boroughs CnR-3 preamp is located on the upper shoulder of the instrument. It also has a battery and an output socket on the opposite side. A single 9v battery powers the preamp and the graphic tuner. I tested the sound through a portable PA speaker with a touch of reverb. The 3 band EQ allowed me to cut a touch of bass. Even with the PA at a considerable volume, I felt no feedback. The inclusion of this electronic system is part of what makes this Boroughs guitar so versatile.

I would be comfortable taking this guitar to any of my gigs knowing that I can plug straight into any acoustic amp or PA for great sound. I am a musician who spends almost every day of the week on a stage, in a recording session or a musical. Therefore, having an instrument with such a good sound is a huge asset.

Uniform and balanced sound

While practicing with the Boroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar, I spent the better part of ten minutes playing an extended arrangement of contemporary acoustic music. The guitar showed its balance as I jumped up and down the fingerboard mixing chords and single notes.

One of the defining characteristics of an acoustic guitar is its ability to project evenly. Whether you’re strumming an anthem or playing a melody, the Buroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar expresses every note with definition and bloom. There is excellent string separation that rivals what I have seen on instruments 500 times more expensive. As I strummed dense chords, I found myself going back to my first instincts with the Boroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar. I couldn’t help loving her.

When you play an instrument as rewarding as the Boroughs, you reconnect with what an acoustic guitar is meant to be. It is an excellent sounding instrument for Everybody enjoy making music.

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Benjamin Samuelson

Benjamin Samuelson is a guitarist, musical director and composer in New York. It can be found on Broadway stages, major music festivals and recording sessions across the country.