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Cort turns up the heat with the upgraded electric G290 FAT II

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Cort Guitars presents the update G290 FATII electric, with several functional upgrades to an already sleek double cutaway. Cort emphasizes the vintage aesthetic, with a new alder body and flame maple top, and roasted maple neck and fingerboard. Playing on the contrast of light and dark, the G290 FATII features a new optional color finish of Trans Burst Black, along with Luminlay markers on the sides of the fingerboard. Beyond multiple playability enhancements that improve sonic character and sustain, the G290 FATII retains key features, like the full-sounding Voiced Tone VTH-77 pickup set, that have made this model one of Cort’s most popular.

The first edition, the award-winning G290 FAT, was designed with premium materials and hardware components, along with improved construction processes for 25.5-inch scale bolting. The updated G290 FAT II retains many of these features while incorporating new materials. Cort starts with an alder body that provides a warm, full-bodied tone, paired with a beautiful flamed maple top. Together, these woods create an excellent combination for a well-balanced sonic character, with bright, transparent highs and a strongly projected low-mid. To top it off, Cort adds an optional Trans Black Burst finish, which joins the rustic Antique Violin Burst and eye-catching Bright Blue Burst to make a trio.

To further enhance the tone and sustain of the G290 FAT II, ​​Cort adds a Graph Tech® Black TUSQ® nut (42mm), made from an advanced polymer formed under high heat and pressure for uniform density. This innovation transfers string energy more efficiently, bringing the G290 FAT II to life with improved harmonics and volume. On the headstock, Cort added a string tree for the first and second strings, which helps with string tension and stability while improving sustain. The Cort CFA-III stainless steel bridge is another sustain-enhancing feature that also allows for a powerful, bold, and articulate sound.

Designed for a wide variety of musical genres and playing styles, the VTH-77 pickups revert to the updated G290 FAT II, ​​delivering modern high output for today’s high-energy music and cleaning up nicely for rock and jazz. classic blues. The 5-way switch is custom-wired to deliver glassy, ​​sparkling single-coil tones in the second and fourth positions, as well as full-bodied, powerful humbucker tones in the bridge, middle, and neck positions. The control layout is simple yet versatile, allowing gamers to stay focused while making music.

Cort took a measured approach to the long-awaited 22-fret roasted maple neck on the G290 FAT II, ​​curing these components in a high-temperature, oxygen-free oven. The process allows the wood to stabilize for a bigger, bolder tone and a smoother vintage golden brown look. Black-dot fingerboard offers a compound radius (12″ to 15.75″) as a deluxe feature for players transitioning from easy tuning in the low register to high-speed soloing and improved string bending on the upper register. Cort’s radius nut Hotrod truss rod allows the player to dial in the exact amount of neck arc to suit technique and playing style. Additionally, the Ergo-V neck profile provides greater comfort at any position on the entire neck.

Another neck enhancement appears with Luminlay side dots that allow players to easily see fretboard position markers while performing on dimly lit stages. The model’s vintage chrome hardware includes Cort’s step-locking tuners that allow for superb tuning stability by eliminating string slippage at the posts while facilitating quick string changes.

Cort’s G Series was designed as a logical evolution of the term “vintage”, offering a modern take on the classic double cutaway design in an aesthetically pleasing and tasteful way. The G290 FAT II continues the tradition of this modern classic, now with even more options to meet a gamer’s specific needs and requirements.

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MSRP: US$1,149.99

MAP (street): US$799.99