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Cort’s KX507 Multi-Scale Brands Celebrate the Return of Multi-Scale Electricity

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Cort Guitars unleashes a tonal beast with the introduction of the KX507 Multi Scale seven-string guitar. Featuring 25.5″ to 27″ Multi-Scale frets for improved playability, new Fishman® multi-voice electronics, and striking aesthetics, the KX507 Multi Scale offers a wealth of assets for hardcore players or extremes – a combination that earned this model an Editor’s Choice Award from Guitar.com.

The new seven-string KX507 Multi Scale is the resurrection of Cort’s very first multi-scale guitar, the KX500 Multi Scale released in 2018. Among several modern updates, the KX507 Multi Scale now features a Fishman Fluence Modern set Multi-voice humbucker. , which allows the multi-scale guitar to explore limitless possibilities across the entire tonal spectrum. Fishman Fluence pickups are free from the frustrating hum, nose, and inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups, revealing uncorrupted musical sound. The push-pull function on the volume and tone knobs, in combination with the 3-way pickup selector, unleashes the full potential of the humbucker set while maintaining a simple look.

The tonewood selections for the KX507 Multi Scale offer much more than their striking appearances. The mahogany body and figured poplar burl top – available in Star Dust Black and Star Dust Green finishes – complement each other perfectly to produce a warm yet punchy high-mid tone that cuts through the mix with authority. The 5-piece maple neck and purple heart not only provides stability, but also a strong and focused sound in conjunction with the acoustic resonance of the body. The 24-fret (15.75-inch radius) Macassar ebony fingerboard is similar to rosewood in look and sound, and produces a rich, deep tone with sweet yet cutting highs. The fingerboard has a distinctive raindrop inlay designed specifically for this model.

The meticulous designs of the KX507 Multi Scale enhance the playing experience as well as the natural resonance of the instrument. The 25.5-27 inch multi-scale frets set the neutral fret to the eighth position for a more natural spread angle, ensuring better playability even on the lower frets. Indeed, the design results in a tight, punchy low end for the low B and low E strings over the extended scale length while retaining the familiar feel and tension on the treble strings for fast runs and bending. some ropes. The individual rigid bridge unit runs through the body, resulting in dramatically improved sustain, superb string separation for better articulation and precise intonation.

The KX507 Multi Scale features a radius nut hotrod truss rod that provides smooth and precise neck tuning every time. Updated volume and tone knobs are positioned for easier reach, while Cort Staggered Locking tuners provide tuning stability and easy, consistent string changes. Black nickel hardware completes this fashion-forward design.

From top to bottom and from every angled fret, the KX507 Multi Scale delivers the high-end features players need to enhance their shredding, searing solos, and muted metal riffs.

MSRP: US$1,299.99

CARD: US$849.99

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