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D’Addario Launches XS Electric Guitar Strings, Promising “The Most Innovative Wrapped String Ever Created”

For a while there, the electric guitarists thought D’Addario was going to let them hang around. Introducing that brave new world of the XS Series coated string, but since its launch in 2021 only available for acoustic guitar.

But the New York-based accessories giant has plugged in and rolled out an all-new XS series, designed specifically for electric.

This new series of electric guitar strings use similar advanced technology, coating the wound strings with a film one-tenth the width of a human hair, using D’Addario’s own dispersion polymer coating. the XT series for single ropes. All of this creates imperceptible differences in feel and tone, but delivers better performance by any other measure.

“XS is a breakthrough innovation that provides players with maximum durability, an unprecedented level of strength, and tuning stability,” says D’Addario.

But don’t just take D’Addario at his word. Testament/Alex Skolnick Trio’s Alex Skolnick – and also New Yorker – says D’Addario “outdid himself”.

“The XS Electric strings are very soft without being slippery and offer a next level ‘new string feel’,” Skolnick said. “They also feel new longer and seem to enhance your instrument’s natural timbres. Guitarists of all styles and sounds, including those who don’t pay much attention to string types, will notice a big difference.

The design of the XS series was led by Jim D’Addario, a man so entrenched in the string business that he’s probably looking for a .010 XL to cut himself a piece of cheese for his sandwiches.

Other up-to-the-minute construction details include a newly reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap – think brighter, faster attack, more sustain – with tuning stability and break resistance thanks to the high-carbon center wire. NY Steel carbon and single-string wire, and D’Addario’s Fusion Twist technology.

D’Addario XS electric guitar strings are offered in five string gauges, from 09-42 Super Light to 11-49 Medium. For more information, visit D’Addario (opens in a new tab).