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Eric Gales, One of the World’s Greatest Electric Guitarists, Reveals He Prefers to Play Acoustic

When you hear the name Eric Gales, you probably think of searing blues guitar lines and searing scales, and for good reason: Gales has arguably one of the most abundant electric guitar vocabularies in the world. today.

However, although he usually kills behind the neck of a Fender Stratocaster or his signature Magneto guitar, Gales is just as good with an acoustic guitar in his hands. And, according to the man himself, he actually prefers to play acoustic.

In fact, he loves the acoustic guitar so much that he has an entire acoustic double album in store that will “take the world by storm”, having written a slew of unplugged tracks during lockdown.

Talk to Guitar (opens in a new tab) magazine, Gales admitted, “I actually prefer acoustics. During the pandemic, I did about 40 songs on acoustics. So I almost finished a double acoustic album.

“Of course,” he continued, “I don’t want to get it all out at once, so I’m going to leave the life of Crown do what he does and then follow up on what I’ve been working on during the pandemic. But, man, I have a heavy acoustic record that I think is going to take the world by storm.

Gales went on to explain what it was about the acoustics he loves so much, commenting on their intimacy, their emotion and the fact that they are unforgiving beasts.

“They’re very ruthless,” Gales observed. “But, at the same time, there’s an emotion and an intimacy when it’s just you with the guitar. It’s the same thing with the electric but it’s a different atmosphere with the acoustic.

“I’m a fan of beautiful arrangements and chords, and when they’re done on an acoustic, it’s unmatched.”

The bluesman has also been busy with an electric guitar lately. His next album produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, Crownis due out tomorrow (January 28) and, judging by the first two singles, it will be a treat for guitar fans.

I want my crown featured top-notch guitar duels with Bonamassa, while You don’t know the blues saw Gales start a fire in the conventional shuffle form.

And, while most of us would assume that integrating JoBo behind the desk would have been an expensive undertaking, it turns out that its production rates are actually quite affordable. Talk to guitar worldGales recently recalled how he recruited Bonamassa by buying him two cans of Diet Coke.

Crown is available for pre order now (opens in a new tab) before its release tomorrow.