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Financial daily dose 9.2.2021 | Headlines: New York Judge Tentative Approves Purdue Pharma Dissolution and Sackler Liability Shield | Robins Kaplan LLP

A New York federal bankruptcy judge on Wednesday provisionally approved an opioid settlement plan that will dissolve Purdue Pharma and require members of the Sackler family (who owns Purdue) to “hand over billions of their fortunes to fight the deadly opioid epidemic.” But the agreement will be controversial “to absolve[]”The Sacklers of most of Purdue’s opioid responsibilities and will instead leave them one of the richest families in the world – NY Times and WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360 and MarketWatch

Justice Department antitrust officials reportedly prepare “second monopoly lawsuit against Alphabet Inc.’s Google over the company’s advertising activities” which could be filed by the end of 2021 – Bloomberg and NY Times

Meanwhile, Apple’s latest effort to avoid a similar review (focused on its oversized power and control of the App Store) will allow certain media apps – think Netflix and Spotify – to “link in the app.” to signup pages “and” bypass the iPhone manufacturer’s Subscriptions Cut. The change will take effect in early 2022 – WSJ and Bloomberg and TechCrunch

EU regulators have fined Facebook around $ 270 million for “failing to inform residents of the bloc sufficiently about what it does with their data” in its WhatsApp chat service. The decision gives Zuck & Co. three months to “bring its communications with users” into compliance with the relevant provisions of the GDPR and is the “latest in a wave of enforcement by EU regulators. . after activists complained that Europe’s enforcement of GDPR was too slow and weak ”- WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

No more disappointment for Paramount Pictures (and die-hard Maverick fans). The studio “has dropped plans to release a highly anticipated ‘Top-Gun’ sequel in theaters in November” based on Covid uncertainty and is filming for May 2022 instead – NY Times and Bloomberg and The HuffPost

NHiTSA officials ordered Tesla to “turn over a wealth of data on its Autopilot driver assistance system as part of an investigation into Tesla cars crashing into fire trucks or other vehicles. ’emergency parked on roads and highways “. The agency set a deadline of October 22 for its request and reminded Elon and his friends of a potential fine of $ 115 million for non-compliance – NY Times

In other electric vehicle news, the SEC opened an investigation into electronic delivery truck company Workhorse Group, “an Ohio-based company that was an early investor in the start-up in Lordstown Motors difficulty “, although the reasons for the investigation have not yet been made public – WSJ

Growing evidence has emerged that states that cut improved federal unemployment benefits for their residents early did not spur job growth faster than states that continued to distribute the extra money to them. their unemployed – WSJ

As we talk about jobs, Amazon announced this week that it is looking to hire 55,000 people globally (including 40,000 here in the US) “from its corporate and tech ranks” as the company continues a “wave of hiring” that began at the start of the pandemic which has not yet ceased – WSJ and Bloomberg

The CFPB lives to fight another day, this time pushing back a “payday loan industry-backed legal challenge” against the Bureau’s payday loan regulations, which the industry group said were “allegedly over- beyond CFPB’s legal authority to issue and were based on rule-making “- Law360

A coalition of US business groups is pressuring the Biden administration to reduce tariffs on Chinese-made products left over by the previous administration and to “restart trade talks” with Beijing, citing the still “difficult” relationship between the two largest economies in the world – NY Times

Oh my gosh, it’s all gone for this article begging for an end to what he calls “Zuck talk,” that linguistic approach prevalent in much of the tech industry that “marries supreme confidence with words of nervous filling and a fear of pauses ”and ends with“ So… ”and“ no? ”- NY Times

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