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Ibanez launches eleven new electric guitar models

While we are now fully immersed in the ocean of NAMM 2021, we have already seen many companies show up with queues for the entire year. One of those companies, of course, is Ibanez, which has long established a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of modern guitars. So much so that he constantly found himself advertising bulk products at the start of each year. That said, this year is no different for Ibanez. Among its full product line is a set of 11 new electric models, spread over three series to be hoped for. Here is the full breakdown of Ibanez’s electric guitar products for 2021.

New Ibanez Prestige Hollow Body Guitars

The first set of three guitars accompanying the NAMM 2021 drop from Ibanez, belongs to his Prestige Hollow Body family. Among the newcomers illustrated above are the AF2000, AM2000H and AS2000 respectively. All three models feature “Brown Sunburst” style finishes, a common hollow body style. Other than that, each has slight construction differences compared to the other. Whether in the design of the headstock, or the formatting of the easel. Either way, all three are really cool in their own way and we’re sure they sound just as awesome.

New Ibanez AZ-S Series Guitars

Ibanez AZ-S Series

The next step in the new models from Ibanez is a complete set of five guitars, called the AZ-S series. These guitars feature 22 frets on an S-Tech roasted maple neck and alder wood body. Its two-pickup system includes a Seymour Duncan Magic Touch mini humbucker and an Alnico II Pro Custom single coil. This set is available in five finishes: Black, Sunset Burst, Royal Blue Sapphire, Prussian Blue Metallic and Tri-Fade Burst.

New Ibanez AZ-N Series Guitars

Ibanez AZ-N Series

The final set of three Ibanez guitars presented as part of Believe in Music Week, belongs to his new range of electrical appliances AZ-N. These bodies feature a Stratocaster-esque cut, with sharper edges that make it unique to Ibanez. They feature the same roasted maple neck and alder body as AZ-S guitars. As pictured above, the introductory finishes available among AZ-N guitars are Antique White Blonde, Black, and Prussian Blue Metallic.

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