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Is PRS about to release a Telecaster-shaped electric guitar? | Guitare.com

Could it be that PRS is about to release another Fender-shaped instrument? Myles Kennedy on stage wearing a mysterious new Type T says maybe.

Eagle-eyed fans on The equipment page forums spotted Kennedy with the guitar in an Instagram post of the rocker performing in Hamburg, Germany on June 1.

“I’m not even a Tele lover, but if PRS releases a Tele as good as the Silver Sky, the Tele world will never be the same!” wrote the DreamTheatreRules thread starter. “Is PRS about to release the greatest Tele ever? Or is it a unique piece made to measure for an artist? »

Kennedy’s Telecaster appears to sport the same rear-angled reverse PRS headstock that appears on the Silver Sky, as well as what looks like a Narrowfield pickup.

Now it’s also quite possible that the rocker sat down at a workbench and assembled the guitar himself – in other words, no official word from PRS has yet fallen on the guitar.

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that, if a PRS T-Type were to be official, it would be the brand’s second Fender-esque instrument, following John Mayer’s signature Silver Sky.

Mayer himself admitted in 2018 that the Silver Sky was heavily inspired by the Stratocaster, but was more “hyper expressive” and “higher definition” – he added that his thought process for the guitar was basically “what would be the [Stratocaster] would it be as if it were designed now rather than in 1954? »

Reverb.com revealed last year that more Silver Skies were sold on its platform than American Fender Stratocasters, although Fender’s line of Made in Mexico Stratocasters and Telecasters topped the list.