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NAMM 2022: Reverend celebrates 25 years with elegantly decorated electric guitar and bass models

NAMM 2022: Reverend has unveiled a family of freshly finished electric guitars and basses, launched to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary.

Founded in 1997, Reverend sought to celebrate this milestone in style by treating three of its models – the Six Gun HPP, Sensei Jr. and Decision P. basses – to a sleek Metallic Silver Freeze colorway.

Further nods to the company’s anniversary can be found at the 12th fret of each ax – which is adorned with an XXV inlay – as well as the naming of a dark ebony fingerboard.

Special occasion specs aside, the models stay true to their own DNA. This means that the Six Gun HPP features its usual unorthodox pickup combination, which includes a bridge humbucker and two P-90s in the middle and neck.

It also sports a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo, as well as a five-way pickup switch and bass contour control, which promises to inspire additional tonal creativity. Elsewhere, the Six Gun HPP features a korina body and roasted maple neck.

Reverend's 25th Anniversary Guitar

(Image credit: Reverend)

The second celebratory electric is the one-pickup Sensei Jr., which features a single 9A5 P-90 bridge pickup. Along with the Metallic Silver Freeze finish, Ebony fingerboard, and XXV inlay, it also features a korina body, 24.75-inch scale length, and three-piece korina neck.

Three control knobs are responsible for dialing in the single pickup, which is at the mercy of volume, tone, and bass contour settings.

Reverend's 25th Anniversary Guitar

(Image credit: Reverend)

Last but not least is the Decision P bass, which again features a korina body and is equipped with a P-Blade neck and Jazz Bomb bridge pickups. The four-string also flashes a pickup pan control, which is meant to dial in a range of punchy funk and focused thumping tones.

Prices are to be confirmed. For more information, visit Reverend (opens in a new tab).