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Spitfire Audio’s Free LABS Bass Guitar Features Classic Electric Bass Tones

Spitfire Audio has added the LABS Bass Guitar to its collection of free instruments, with four classic bass sounds and seven controls.

The four LABS Bass Guitar presets include Warm Bass Amped, Warm Bass DI, Classic Bass Amped, and Classic Bass DI. Spitfire Audio says these sounds should have you covered for styles “sweet and soulful to punchy and driven”. They were also all recorded and re-amplified by Leo Wyatt, who used a vintage Ampeg at Hackney’s Premises Studios.

The bass guitar is housed in Spitfire Audio’s LABS plug-in, as with all of its LABS instruments. Those familiar with these instruments will notice that the parameters of the bass guitar will be identical to others in the LABS collection. The fader on the far left of the interface controls amplitude, while the second fader controls dynamics. The dynamics fader will minimize the effect of velocity while playing, with only one velocity level when set to maximum.

In the center of the plug-in is a multi-effects button. This allows you to adjust the amount of reverb, tension, variation, attack and release of the bass guitar. With a few tweaks, you can transform the sounds of the electric bass into deep, sustained sounds suitable for a range of genres.

To access the Spitfire Audio LABS collection, all you need to do is create an account using your email address. LABS Bass Guitar can run on macOS – Intel and M1 macs are supported – and Windows in 64-bit DAWs. The LABS plug-in works as VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU, making it compatible with major DAWs.

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