The 1975 proves how sad the violin can sound on “Part of the Band”

The 1975 released their highly anticipated new single, “Part of The Band”. They also unveiled their new album, Being funny in a foreign language, releases October 14.

“Part of The Band” is a beautifully light track that tangles up on itself at every opportunity. With long strings of violin scream punctuated by shimmering acoustic guitar, the track takes on the appearance of a bundle of fairy lights – harmless but awfully nostalgic for the right person. Matty Healey deftly reaches that knot of sound and memory and unties it almost completely before deciding that leaving a few tangles might be just fine.

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If the song’s string core and flourishes of saxophone and electric guitar fuzz are a promise of things to come, then Being funny in a foreign language will be yet another big step to add to the group’s history of innovation. The days of explosive synths are over. It’s time to welcome Black country, new road-esque orchestral swell in its place.

“Part Of The Band” was released alongside a music video directed by Samuel Bradley, who is also responsible for the album cover and the band’s new promotional photos. Check it out below.