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The Beast, a gigantic six-neck guitar, goes on sale

A legendary six-neck monster electric guitar designed by Gary Hutchins – aptly nicknamed The Beast – has been dropped and is now on sale at UK-based guitar auction house Gardiner Houlgate.

Originally inspired by the five-necked model branded by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, The Beast was designed to go “a stronger one” with a massive six necks.

“It’s not something that will appear around someone’s neck anytime soon at Wembley,” said builder Gary Hutchins. Guitarist in 2008 when the model was first created. “Originally, I built it more like a talking room than anything else. “

Although he described The Beast as “the guitar that should never have been made,” Hutchins’ creation has been seen on stages around the world and has been in the hands of comedy royalty Bill Bailey and of the royal prince Charles.

More recently, he has appeared at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as the Museum of Comedy in London, where he has resided for a few years.

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The Beast Six Neck Guitar

(Image credit: Gardiner Houlgate)
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The Beast Six Neck Guitar

(Image credit: Gardiner Houlgate)

Where do I start with the specs? Well, from top to bottom, the six neck guitar is made up of twelve strings, six strings with tremolo, five strings bass, four strings bass, seven strings with tremolo and a rigid six-string guitar.

Showcasing a metallic red finish, the Monster model is made up of a single solid body measuring over three feet wide, with each screw-down neck sporting a rosewood fingerboard. The total weight of the guitar is approximately 17 kg – so a heavy duty guitar strap will be required.

Two three-way toggle switches are responsible for selecting the desired model, with an additional pair of three-way switches working alongside dual master volume and master tone controls to navigate the plethora of pickups.

The beast

(Image credit: Avenir)

So far, only one bid has been placed on The Beast, which currently carries a starting bid of £ 1,500 (around $ 2,080).

Go to the beast list page at Gardiner Houlgate for more information and to bid on the unique piece of guitar equipment.

The same auction is expected to host Prince’s Fender Gemini II “Diamonds and Pearls” acoustics, valued at over $ 100,000.