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The Beatles Story and Höfner erect giant bass guitar art installation to celebrate Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday


The Beatles Story, Liverpool’s award-winning attraction, has teamed up with instrument maker Höfner to celebrate Paul McCartney’s 80th birthdaye a year before its performance at Glastonbury with the launch of a unique art installation in June.

The Beatles-themed exhibit commemorated this landmark year by unveiling a unique Instagram-worthy art installation in partnership with famed guitar maker Höfner. The statue, which resembles a gigantic 1962 Höfner bass guitar, is located at the entrance to the award-winning attraction and will extend the birthday celebrations further into Paul’s 80th birthday.e anniversary year and extending the spotlight on the Nordoff Robbins charity.

The installation visually celebrates the illustrious and groundbreaking career of one of music’s greatest composers, a career that continues to this day. Paul McCartney recently wrapped up his well-received ‘Got Back’ tour of North America and is set to be Glastonbury Festival’s oldest solo headliner on Saturday 25e June.

With ties to music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, The Beatles Story hopes to shine a light on the valuable work they do every day. Nordoff Robbins is a music advocate and believes in the value of music to all members of our society. ​Their vision is to live in a world where, through music therapy, human potential is recognized regardless of profound disability, illness or social exclusion. of organizations, including nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

“At Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, we want to live in a world where everyone can thrive through the power of music. We all know the impact on the world The Beatles had through the power of music, so we are absolutely thrilled that The Beatles Story has chosen to support Nordoff Robbins. We hope this leads people to connect with the value of music and recognize its importance to their emotional health and well-being.”

– Sandy Trappitt, Head of Partnerships at Nordoff Robbins.

Paul McCartney himself is a supporter of Nordoff Robbins, and the Beatles first visited the charity’s London center in 1986. In 1988, Paul received a Silver Clef Award, in recognition of his work with them and in the same year he donated an autographed Höfner bass. guitar.

Visitors to the attraction and this exciting art installation will have the opportunity to donate to Nordoff Robbins via a QR code. Alternatively, donations can be made here.

“We are very happy here at Höfner to collaborate again with our friends from The Beatles Story, especially to celebrate the 80th birthday of Paul McCartney. When they came to us with the idea for a special art installation, we were thrilled. The designers have done a fantastic job creating a piece of art that is truly worthy of the occasion. What can I say ? He looks fabulous! Hope you go see it and we send you lots of love from Germany.

– Nick Wass, Höfner GmbH.

“It’s amazing what The Beatles Story has done to celebrate Paul McCartney’s 80th birthdaye Birthday! What a wonderful way to show the remarkable impact that Paul McCartney and the Beatles have had on millions of people around the world. All through this superpower we call music. At Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy we use this power of music to help people connect and communicate, unlocking their potential regardless of disability, illness or social exclusion. Thank you for your incredible support.

​– Sandy Trappitt, Head of Partnerships at Nordoff Robbins.

“All of us at The Beatles Story are incredibly proud to support Nordoff Robbins, a cause close to the heart of Paul McCartney, in his 80s.e year. We’re thrilled for everyone to see our amazing art installation and reflect on Paul McCartney’s fantastic career and accomplishments. On behalf of everyone at The Beatles Story, we wish Sir Paul McCartney a very happy and healthy 80e year, and for many years to come.

​– Mary Chadwick, Managing Director of The Beatles Story.

The art installation is available for viewing and to book press interviews and filming of the installation on Friday June 24, please contact: Mason Griffith: [email protected]

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