Electric guitar

This electric guitar is made of 5,000 coffee beans (And it smells like coffee too)

Bold, strong, intense. You can use these words to describe coffee… you can also use it to describe this electric guitar built by YouTuber and guitar enthusiast, Burls Art. Designed as a gift for his friend’s Copper Coffee company, Burls Art’s guitar body consists of 5,000 roasted coffee beans suspended in epoxy. Modeled in the form of a Gibson Explorer, the guitar body proudly showcases the coffee beans and the unique texture created by grinding their smooth surface. It has a beautifully mottled dark cork texture and even smells of coffee! The fingerboard and headstock are also built from the ground up, and the entire guitar features copper accents (for aesthetics, but also because the company is literally called Copper Coffee), and the logo. Copper Coffee is beautifully encrusted in the fingerboard. If you watch the end of the video, Burls Art spins the guitar too, and just like a good Macchiato, it gives me goosebumps!

A close-up of the body of the guitar reveals the texture of the coffee bean. If properly stored and cared for, the beans should easily last for decades, Burls Art said after doing some research. The body of the guitar doesn’t just enclose the coffee beans in an exterior epoxy container. You can see how the cross sections of the coffee beans are visible all over the surface. The casting process resulted in a fair amount of air bubbles which Burls Art filled with copper epoxy before smoothly finishing with a sander and buffing with a coat of varnish. The result really speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

The body of the guitar is fitted with two humbuckers and aged brass knobs and hardware. The fingerboard features the Copper Coffee logo embedded in the wood, using a blend of copper-colored epoxy and silica powder. The doll, on the other hand, has real copper foil that was fused to wood before being polished and adorned with the Burls Art logo.

The back of the fingerboard reveals an incredible striped pattern almost comparable to the amourette. A closer look at the head and neck reveals the finer details of the guitar.

It’s unclear how long it took for Burls Art to make the guitar from scratch, but the YouTube video really details the whole process from scratch. It starts by pouring the 5,000 coffee beans into a mold and coating it with epoxy. Once hardened, Burls Art cuts out the basic shape using a large puzzle machine before using different tools to define the shape of the guitar and smooth its surface. The neck and headstock were also built entirely from scratch, with electricity being routed through the main body of the guitar. Burls Art mentions that the body has a pretty distinct coffee smell (which would have been masked if he had completely covered the body with epoxy), and his studio smelled like coffee throughout the building process! The Café Guitar is now proudly hung at the Copper Coffee headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Designer: Burls Art