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This Lego bass guitar features 2,000 bricks

Not only Burls Art’s Lego bass guitar is definitely a spectator. The YouTuber used 2,000 body parts to create an intricate design with only a hard maple part in the center to provide essential force under string tension. Even the doll has Lego parts.


(Image credit: Burls Art / YouTube)

Epoxy resin has been used on the outer parts to add stability. So how does that sound? Burls Art chose a piezo pickup under the bridge so it could fully show this Lego pattern and its reasoning is solid.

“Of course that compromises the tone but I built this guitar as an artistic piece, more than I do for the tone of the instrument,” he explains. I’m not going to say that this thing sounds good, but it does make noise when plugged into an amp.


(Image credit: Burls Art / YouTube)

The Lego bass weighs just over 7 lbs because Burls Art has kept the use of epoxy to a minimum.

This is the Californian designer’s second epoxy fingerboard and far from his first instrument making project. We’ve already covered his guitars made from Jawbreaker candy, Styrofoam, and even one with a river running through it.

Burls Art has also made guitars from skateboards, salt, colored pencils, paper, and even 5,000 coffee beans!

We strongly recommend that you visit the Burls Art YouTube Channel to stay up to date with his amazing work.

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