Electric guitar

This more punk electric guitar is made entirely of skateboards

Burls Art – the YouTube luthier behind the Himalayan Salt Guitar, a Strat-style electric guitar made up of 1,200 colored pencils and more – is back with another wacky guitar design.

For his latest project, the YouTuber – who currently has over half a million subscribers on the platform – built an electric guitar made entirely from skateboard decks.

He starts by removing the grip tape from each deck – probably a good thing, too: any player’s arm would be sanded in no time – before removing the graphics from the underside of each of the decks.

He then coats seven of the skateboard decks with epoxy resin, before pressing them together using “tens of tons” of force exerted through a specially designed steel frame.

He then uses a variety of saws and other instruments to shape and mold the block into a Warlock style guitar body. A similar process is used when building the neck of the guitar from the remaining skateboard decks.

Not much is given regarding the electronic setup of the skateboard guitar, but we can see that it sports a pair of humbuckers and singular volume and tone knobs.

“It was probably one of my toughest builds I’ve done yet,” the YouTuber says. “Mainly the challenge was to squeeze the boards together – it takes so much pressure to squeeze them. “

“I had tried so many alternative methods to pressing before I finally buckled up and decided to use a welded steel frame. There’s really no other way to squeeze them than to have a big metal frame and a bunch of big jacks.

With its latest design, Burls Art traded pop shove-its for pop-punk, grind for grindcore and rock and roll for rock ‘n’ roll. We approve.