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Thomas Fiorini and Robert Groslot announce a concerto for bass guitar and orchestra – Bass Magazine

Bassist of the Brussels Philharmonic, Thomas Fiorini realizes his dream: a concerto for bass guitar. The vinyl will be released on May 6, but today you can already listen to the full album through your favorite streaming platform. Also available in immersive audio on Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music.

The bass guitar is not the first instrument that comes to mind when we think of classical music. Since its invention in 1951 by Leo Fender, the bass guitar has proven indispensable in virtually every genre of modern popular music. Compared to other more traditional instruments such as the piano or the violin, which have evolved over the centuries, the bass guitar has become a respected and appreciated instrument in a relatively short time. Originally, the bass guitar combined the function of the double bass with the design of an electric guitar. Yet even without a predetermined methodology or historical pedagogy, the bass guitar in the hands of a competent player has an unlimited sonic palate and technical possibilities.

In 2019, bassist Thomas Fiorini, in cooperation with the Brussels Philharmonic, commissioned Belgian composer Robert Groslot to write a concerto for bass guitar. Recorded in May 2021, the concerto is an impressive achievement. In Fiorini’s expert hands, Groslot’s composition comes to life. Equally at home on double bass and bass guitar, and able to cross musical boundaries effortlessly, Fiorini is perfectly suited to this composition. Its mission is to present the bass guitar as a legitimate solo instrument in the genre of contemporary classical music. Given his love of the bass guitar and his dedication to composition, his dream of bringing the bass guitar into the classical concert hall came true.

Groslot’s Concerto for Bass Guitar and Orchestra is a masterful dialogue between soloist and orchestra at the level of historical masterpieces. Groslot composes for this unconventional instrument as if he had centuries of tradition behind him. He pushes the soloist to the heights of technical virtuosity but never to the detriment of musicality. Groslot is not the first composer to write for the bass guitar in contemporary music. However, given his boundless talents as a world-class pianist and composer, he delivers a composition for bass guitar that will serve as the cornerstone of an evolving solo repertoire for the instrument.

Track list

Concerto for bass guitar and orchestra:
I. Agitato (07:44)
II. Canzone (07:23)
III. Intermezzo (03:05)
IV. Final (06:37)