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Tony Rawk’s Pro Luthier: YouTuber turns 14 skateboards into electric guitar | Guitar.com

YouTuber Burls Art is no stranger to violin making, for that matter: he has previously made guitars from materials such as Himalayan rock salt, colored pencils and coffee beans. His latest project? Turn 14 skateboards into one guitar.

After removing their duct tape and all the stickers, reducing them to raw wood, Burls Art then welds a steel press (as you do), in order to compress them vertically into a sandwich structure, with the edges of the planks forming the front of the body. To add a bit of flair, every few skateboards are stained – forming an intricate color pattern.

Once this structure is sealed with epoxy resin and a lot of glue, it forms the raw material which can then be shaped into both the body, the neck and even the neck of the guitar.

Electronics, two humbuckers and a Stratocaster-type vibrato are added, for – as is the norm for Burls Art – a guitar with a very unique look. You can see the finished product below.

Despite the rather extravagant construction methods, this is one of the more traditional instruments that Burls Art has made, mainly because it is made of wood. The last time we took a look at his work, he made a Telecaster style guitar from Himalayan rock salt, which has a lot of issues with brittleness, exposure to moisture. and weight. This guitar also couldn’t have the rock salt neck, as the string tension would likely have caused it to implode.