Watch: Guitarist Goes Viral On TikTok For Creating Violin Sounds With His Acoustics –

Marcus Eaton turned heads with his most recent covers on TikTok, as he found a way to coax authentic violin sounds from his acoustic guitar.

The last cover of the musician, of The MandalorianThe theme song for, landed Wednesday – tune in below.


You asked for it so here’s The Mandalorian @pickasobow #mandalorian #star wars #mando #musicianssoftiktok #guitartok #theme song #acoustic #bucker

original sound – Marcus Eaton

To get the violin sounds in his video, Eaton combined two accessories: the Pickaso guitar bow and one ToneWoodAmp. The former is a bow specially designed for acoustic guitars, while the latter is an effects unit that harnesses vibrations to transform a hollow body instrument into an amp itself.

The cover follows Eaton’s interpretation of the theme of The last of the Mohicans, which went viral two weeks ago (March 30), racking up over 2.8 million views on TikTok.


More intense shenanigans with @mckailseely and @pickasobow #bow guitar #fyp #lastofthemohicans #guitartok #songwritersoftiktok #tonewoodamp

original sound – Marcus Eaton

Bowed guitar sounds have been part of the guitar lexicon for decades. It found its place in rock canon when Jimmy Page incorporated the technique into his on-stage guitar solos with Led Zeppelin. Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi is also known for using a violin bow on his guitar to weave sound tapestries steeped in reverberation.

Other musicians have found methods to reproduce the bow songs without one. Guitarist-YouTuber David Lap shared his method, which involved coating a pen with rosin.

Marcus Eaton is an LA based musician who was greeted by David Crosby as “one of the best young singer-songwriters in America – maybe even the world”. He performed with Seal and Flea and provided the soundtrack for Crosby’s documentary Remember my name.