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Watch: Joe Bonamassa takes the Gibson Theodore electric guitar for a test drive | Guitare.com

Gibson made waves last week with the announcement of the Theodore, a double cutaway electric guitar design by legendary Ted McCarty. Now, Joe Bonamassa puts the instrument to the test in a brand new video.

The Theodore is significant in Gibson history because it predates the Les Paul Junior, which eventually became the brand’s first double-cutaway electric guitar put into mass production. Similarly, the guitar’s hockey stick headstock design was not seen until a year later, in 1958, on the Explorer.

“This design sat in a filing cabinet for almost 65 years,” Bonamassa explained in the video.

Ted McCarty, who designed the Theodore, also spearheaded many Gibson guitar design innovations in the 1950s and 60s.

“There would be no 335 without Ted McCarty; there would be no Les Paul model without Ted McCarty; There would be no Firebird without Ted McCarty, and no Flying V or Explorer,” Bonamassa explained.

“And [the Theodore] would have been there in that mix with Ted and his team at the time; they were going to build that and the Super 400 – it’s really, really awesome to see it come to life 65 years later.

He added, “I really think it’s such a good hybrid of those Gibson designs from that era.”

The new Theodore has an alder body with a walnut center band, a mahogany neck, an Indian rosewood fingerboard with a 12 inch radius, 22 narrow frets and a scale length of 24.75 inches.

It features two P90 soapbar pickups routed to Les Paul-style controls, as well as a wraparound tailpiece and vintage-style Kluson tuners. The Theodore is available now, limited to just 318 units worldwide in Natural, Cherry, and Ebony finishes at $4,999 each.

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