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Watch YouTuber build a ridiculously thin electric guitar and put it through its paces | Guitare.com

YouTuber magnifying glass art has expanded into its ever-growing line of quirky handmade guitars, now challenging itself to create the finest guitar possible. Coming in at a ridiculously thin 19mm, see how the developer creates the ax and hear the final product in action.

The YouTube channel, which was created in 2019, has become widely recognized for its ability to create the most unorthodox and bizarre guitars. Currently boasting nearly 600,000 subscribers, the content creator has often pushed the boundaries of guitar building, building axes out of materials such as carbon fiber, pencils, polystyrene and salt.

Now, with his latest video which was released last week (July 19), the luthier has developed his potentially most complex and challenging task yet: building the thinnest guitar possible.

“Maybe it’s just an excuse to finally build a wooden guitar in my shop, but I’ve always been a fan of thinner guitars, and I had some pretty cool wood in my shop, so this looked like a fun project to try,” he says, explaining the reason for the challenge.

Image: Burls Art/YouTube

Ironically, this is one of the first times the YouTuber has used wood to construct one of his unconventional designs. Choosing to construct the body from a much sturdier material than usually seen on its page, Burls Art opts for black Limba wood as the base for the model, a West African hardwood reminiscent of the mahogany.

Aiming for a final product less than an inch thick, less than half the width of an average Gibson Les Paul, the YouTuber describes the main challenges that will arise when building the axe:

“There are a few different factors I have to consider when determining how good I can get this guitar. The biggest factor being the electronics, like the pickups and the volume and tone knobs,” he explains. he.

Here he uses Lace Alumitones to be the humbuckers for the guitar, a choice he made simply because they were the thinnest models he could find while browsing online. Additionally, the final product, which sports a mere 4.5 pounds, is deemed too thin to house a switch, instead incorporating three knobs, two for volume (bridge and neck) and one for tone.

Named Limba Blade, the end result plays surprisingly well and has already received plenty of praise from the channel’s subscribers.

See the full version below.