Who is the mysterious musician of Gastonia? Man plays violin outside Food Lion

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Some Food Lion customers at the Hudson Boulevard store in Gastonia were treated to a serenade while shopping last week.

A man who said he was from Russia and spoke little English stood outside the store on Friday and played a white electric violin plugged into an amplifier. His sign, written in English with multicolored letters, told passers-by that he was accepting donations for food and rent.

“A lot of people kept coming in my line saying he was really good,” said Crystal Lynn, a Food Lion cashier.

“He was really good,” said Bre Walker, another Food Lion employee.

The man played outside the store for about 90 minutes, despite temperatures reaching 80 degrees. At one point, he played Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect”, which prompted several people to put money in his cardboard donation box.

Some customers have used their cell phone’s video cameras to capture the performance. A Gazette The reader thought about the performance so much that he brought it to the attention of the newspaper.

But the man did not wish to be interviewed and little is known about him.

It is not known if he has had a rough time or if he just enjoys playing.

The white notice board he had affixed to his speaker stand offered the only real clue: “I accept donations for food and rent. Thank you. God bless you.

Others have also reported seeing the violinist perform for donations at other grocery stores in the area.

If you have more information on the Mystery Violinist, please contact Janiya Winchester at 704-869-1842 or [email protected]